Patrick Robertson

Patrick Robertson
Registered Representative, Packerland Brokerage Service

I am an independent Financial Advisor committed to working with a small group of clients and their families. For almost 30 years my life’s work has been devoted to helping my clients grow their wealth and optimize their retirement income.

I focus my practice on Income Planning, a systematic process to ensure you have a known income in your retirement years. I am committed to constantly monitoring changes in the market, tax, estate and social security laws. I am especially focused on any changes to health insurance and medical costs. Rising medical costs pose an increasing risk to retirement income.

I work with a select number of clients. It is vital to your success that I have sufficient time to devote to monitor your plan and make adjustments based on changes in the market, risk factors and especially any changes in your life.   My practice is focused on personal attention. I have long-term relationships with my clients and their families. It is a great joy to see my clients realize their financial dreams and retire with financial peace of mind. After practicing for almost three decades I have had the satisfaction of seeing clients’ legacies last for the next generation.

I was raised as the oldest of four children in southern California.  After graduating from college, I headed overseas to work and then came to New England where I earned an MBA in Finance at Northeastern University. I have called Massachusetts home since.  My twin sons are now in college and my daughter is working in medical research.  She is planning to return to school to earn her Ph.D.  

Some years ago my life changed in an unexpected way. With some reluctance I agreed to “just visit” a shelter for retired greyhound racers. I had heard they were easy dogs, loved to cuddle, didn’t need much exercise, just perfect office companions. We adopted George.  He became the center of our world. We committed to making his retirement years the best of his life. But George and I had a special connection, a bond that surprised me. He spent his days in my home office and occasionally went to see clients. George was later followed by Arthur and now we have Eliot. Arthur and Eliot were older and more difficult to place. It has been a privilege and a joy to adopt older greyhounds, to give them a family for their retired years, the best years of their lives.


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