Can I Help You?

Can I Help You?

I have been an independent Financial Advisor working with a small group of clients and their families for almost three decades.  My goal is to carefully understand your goals and financial situations.  Only then can I work with you to 

  • Grow your wealth
  • Optimize your retirement income
  • Ensure your legacy will live on for the next generation

Income Planning

If you are approaching retirement or are currently retired, I focus my practice on Income Planning.  As you consider retirement, risks to your accumulated assets need to be carefully considered.  Market risks, inflation and increases in medical costs are more difficult to bear during the retirement years.  I offer a systematic process to configure a strategic mix of financial products to ensure you have a known income in your retirement years.  Key to this process is determining your particular risks to your retirement assets and developing the right mix of income tools to minimize those risks.  Income planning takes the guess work out of determining if you will outlive your money, enjoy your retirement and attain your legacy goals.

Am I a good fit for you?

I have clients of all ages and stages of readiness for retirement.  As my clients age I have focused on retirement and income planning, it is an area that allows me to make the biggest impact on my clients retirement years.  I am passionate about monitoring changes in the market, tax, estate and social security laws.  Continued education is essential to creating strong retirement and income planning strategies.  I am especially focused on the impact of increased life expectancy.  Rising medical costs pose an increasing risk to retirement income.  Planning for long-term care is critical for your family's well being and your retirement income.  

Successful planning requires that I have sufficient time to monitor your plan and make adjustments based on changes in the market, risk factors and changes in your life.   My practice is focused on personal attention, I can not work any other way.  Over the past 25 plus years I have developed long-term relationships with my clients and their families. It is a great joy to see my clients realize their financial dreams and retire with financial peace of mind.  For some of my older clients, I have been able to see their legacy goals realized, a truly positive outcome of successful income planning.  

Current Client References

Many of my clients have been working with me for a very long time.  I am grateful to be a part of their financial lives and to be referred to their family and friends.  Please contact me for a list of client references.    



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